National moderators


Article 23

The moderators shall ensure due respect for the rules of the Union. They shall ensure, by their arbitration, the healthy and proper environment in the interest of the general good.

A decision of the Community Council shall determine the areas of responsibility and authority of the moderators.

Article 24

The Administrator may propose to the Community Council that a moderator be dismissed in cases of serious misconduct, deliberate or consistent inactivity.

If the Administrator proposes that a moderator be dismissed, the moderator in question shall have the right to present an explanation or defence to the Community Council within a window of seven days. The Community Council shall proceed to consider the proposal to dismiss the moderator by two-thirds of its members.

The President of the Community Council shall recommend to the President of the Union that he or she terminate the appointment of a moderator dismissed by the Community Council.

- Constitution of the United European Pokémon Communities

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