is there still life?

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is there still life?

Postby Piexplode » 05 Dec 2014, 01:42

Hey I'm here cos I was well.. stalking my friend? Basically my friend matthewlovespokemon was the person who showed me about competitive pokemon forever ago. I've now found that the original website he came from now appears to be closed.. so I was just kinda curious if there's 1] life on here, and 2] if there's anyone from lurking around, and especially if anyone remembers me from there o.o I was probably only in the xhat or whatever the chat thing was back then. But yeaaa I've kinda grown up a lot since then which is why it'd be interesting to find someone from there. I mean like, I'm a mod on (main gen 1 overused community) and I'm approaching smogon's premier league level at battling.
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Re: is there still life?

Postby bagszi » 05 Dec 2014, 02:33

Well, I check back here time to time, but there is no sign of activity. ^^' I'm not really into competative battles, I'm just a Hungarian fan site owner.
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