Shiny Chaining Guide

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Shiny Chaining Guide

Postby Bow Artist3 » 25 Jul 2010, 16:14


I've written this guide to help you gaining shinies via Poké Radar.


The point of chaining is to meet as many Pokémon of the same species, to increase the chance of finding a shiny Pokémon. By using of the Poké Radar, you try to achieve a chain of 40 Pokémon and resetting the Poké Radar until a shiny patch appears. During this procedure you have to follow specific rules so that no other Pokémon appears, what otherwise destroys the current chain.


To chain shiny Pokémon, you need:
  • the Poké Radar
  • Repel (I recommend ca 200 Max Repel)
  • Poké Balls
  • a Pokémon that is strong enough to beat 40 Pokémon of the same level and species and that has moves with many PP
The Trainer Counter (the 20th Pokétch app) is not necessary at all costs, but still helpful. You gain it from Professor Oak at the Pal Park.
After you got all the required things, you should search for a big spot of tall grass, where the shiny you want to gain can appear.


I would recommend registering the Poké Radar first, so that you are able to activate it faster. Before you go into the tall grass, activate your Max Repel. If your Max Repel fades away, instantly activate another one.
Go into the middle of the tall grass and press the "Y"-Button. Now there should be one to four patches, that are sparkling or wiggling. Enter one of these patches and remember, if it was sparkling or wiggling. If the appearing Pokémon is not the pokemon you want, run away and do 50 steps to recharge the Poké Radar. Repeat this until the pokemon you want appears.
Now you have to beat the Pokémon. Immediately after the battle the Poké Radar will active independently. From now on you have not to leave the tall gras and to enter one of the borderpatches. After the first patch you choose, all subsequent patches must shake in the same way, otherwise you'll break your current chain.
Enter the patch farthest from your position. In doing so, you have follow some rules:
  1. Only choose a patch of grass if there are four patches shaking.
  2. Never go out of the range, where you can see at least one of the shaking patches.
  3. Never choose a patch of grass that's more than seven steps of walking away by taking the shortest route.
  4. Avoid patches of grass if they are right beside other moving patches.
  5. Never run away from the Pokémon, and never let it flee either.
Important: The patch must not be diagonal to your position and should be four patches in one direction and one to three patches to aside from you (see images).
If there is no shaking patch at these positions by following the rules, do 50 steps in the tall grass without entering one of the shaking patches, and use the Poké Radar again. This procedure is called "resetting".
Repeat these steps until you have a chain of 40 Pokémon. After the 40th Pokémon appeared, the chance of meeting a shiny Pokémon won't increase anymore, so doing this furthermore is pointless. You can look up how many Pokémon you've already chained by looking onto the 20th Pokétch app.
The grey field above is where your current chain is displayed (with the number and species of the Pokémon), while the podium shows your best three chains. Therefore you can easily check if your current chain is broken. In that case you'll just see nothing in the grey field (see image).
Once you got a chain of 40th Pokémon, start resetting until you see a shiny patch. This is characterized by the fact that it sparkles twice dramatically. Enter this patch and catch your Pokémon.
If you want, you can continue resetting after this, because the catching of the shiny Pokémon doesn't cause the chain to break.


Here are some tips, that could help you:
  • Never use your bike! Once you got onto the bike the chain is broken.
  • You can save your game in between to not lose your Max Repels if your chain breaks. The chain is not broken after saving, but after switching off your DS. So you can't save and load a chain to carry it on.
  • When in doubt, reset the radar and try again.
  • If the Pokémon you want to chain has an electric or steel type, try putting a Pokémon with the "Static" or "Magnet Pull" Ability at the first position of your party. That will make your Pokémon appear a bit more often.
  • If you want your Pokémon to have a certain nature, try putting a Pokémon with the "Synchronize" Ability and the right nature at the first position of your party.
  • Don't despair, if you still got no shiny Pokémon after you resetted the 20th time. Some players get a shiny after a chain of 20 Pokémon, while others still got none after they resetted the 500th time. Unfortunately there is no guaranty for the appearance of a shiny, since the chance of this is still 1/200 after the 40th Pokémon.

Questions etc.

I'd like to hear your Questions, Tips and Rates to the Guide. ^^ Maybe i'll add a kind of FAQ sometimes, when i have enough time.
Since i'm german and not the best in speaking english, i would like you to check if all of my phrases fit well. I'm also not sure about the heading "Execution". If you got a better one, please tell me. ;)

Happy Shiny Chaining!
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