Wi-Fi Trade Rules

Looking for a Pokémon or an item in the games? This is the place to request and offer trades.

Wi-Fi Trade Rules

Postby Tsuroerusu » 05 Jan 2010, 15:05

The following applies to all national and international forums of the United European Pokémon Communities

    Trade Information
  • Upon offering Pokémon for trade, information regarding the Pokémon offered must be provided.
    • Mandatory:
      • Species;
      • Language version;
      • Nickname if any;
      • Level, whether trained or untrained;
      • Ability if a dual-ability Pokémon is offered for trade;
      • Nature;
      • Moves;
      • Ribbons if an Event Pokémon is offered for trade;
      • Effort Values (EVs) or its stats if the EVs are unknown;
      • Whether shiny or not shiny;
      • The way you obtained it.
    • Non-mandatory:
      • Individual Values (IVs);
      • Ability if a single-ability Pokémon is offered for trade;
      • Ribbons;
      • Pokérus (PKRS) status, infected or cured;
      • Whether cloned or not cloned.
    Trade Topics
  • Members may create one (1) dedicated trade topic of their own in accordance with the following conditions:
    • the content of the trade topic may not violate the Union's rules or any supplemental rules issued by the national moderators;
    • trade negotiations shall be carried out publicly in the trade topic or in profile comments, members shall avoid negotiation through private messages for negotiating a trade;
    • no less than 10 Pokémon shall be offered for trade at the creation of the trade topic;
    • trading of Pokémon eggs shall not be allowed.
    Hacked Pokémon
  • Hacked Pokémon, as defined by Section 4 of this Rule, are strictly prohibited for Wi-Fi trades; any such fraud shall result in immediate ban.

    Definition of Hacked Pokémon
  • "Hacked Pokémon" shall be defined as:
    1. Pokémon incompatible with the natural mechanics of the games;
    2. Pokémon either produced and/or modified by means of external modification of the game data such as, but not limited to the use of an Action Replay DS, Pokesav or similar.
  • Disputes relating to Wi-Fi battles or trades shall be brought before a relevant moderator; he or she shall hear the concerns of both parties, and decide on the matter in a fair, impartial and reasoned way.
  • Decisions by a moderator relating to disputes between members may be appealed to the Administrator of the Union.
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