dionyshs02's trade thread

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dionyshs02's trade thread

Postby dionyshs02 » 25 Oct 2013, 11:07

Hello this is my trade thread called dionyshs02's trade thread
I'm not trading with hacked pokemon or i'm not giving hacked pokemon if i see hacked pokemon i'm gonna report you
Male Gigalith lvl56 nature quiet ability sturdy moves learned Stealth Rock Sandstorm stone edge explosion
Male Arcanine lvl53 nature serious ability flash fire moves outrage crunch flare blitz iron tail
male larvitar lvl6 nature hardy ability guts moves leer hyper beam eartquake stone edge
male Samurot lvl70 nature relaxed ability relaxed moves revenge,hydro,pump,aqua tail,razor shell
female rhydon lvl80 nature hardy ability rock head moves megahorn earth quake stomp horn drill.rhydon hold protector
jirachi lvl5 nature lax ability serene grace moves confusion thunderbolt thunder energyball

When a rhydon holds protector and then trade it gonna be evolve in rhyperior
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