November's Unofficial League 5G

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November's Unofficial League 5G

Postby dionyshs02 » 24 Oct 2013, 19:41

Welcome to the Novembers Unofficial Leugue!
Everyone can join,every one is accepable but there are rules!
how to join? post your name and FC at 5th Generation
BUT,i can only accept 10 people so hurry up!
Every win is 2 points every draw is 1 point and Lose? You're Out you are not playing any more!
Single Battles Only
1.Not Allowed this pokemon
Arceus,Darkrai,Deoxys(all forms),Dialga,Giratina,Palkia,Genesect,Groudon,Ho-Oh,Kyogre,Landorous (Only Incarnate Forme)Lugia,Manaphy,Mew,Mewtwo,Rayquaza,Reshiram,Zekrom,shaymin (only sky form)Thundurous,Tornadus,White Kyurem,Black Kyurem
2.Not allowed Legal Dream world Clause,not allowed pokemon with unreleased dream world abilities.
3.Not allowed Species Clause;not allowed to have two or more pokemon in your team
4.Not allowed Evasion Clause;not allowed to use any move or ability or item that increase or minun the evasiveness on a pokemon
5.OHKO moves not allowed
6.Moody Clause; not allowed moody ability
7.All battles MUST be upload at VS recorder at the wi-fi
8.have fun!
Again No hacks in the tournament any person who hack he gonna leave from the tournament and report to an admin
Show Me Your Battle Ability!
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