Being the Very Best - A Beginner’s Guide to Pokémon Online

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Being the Very Best - A Beginner’s Guide to Pokémon Online

Postby Ryu Shoji » 18 Sep 2011, 12:15

Being the Very Best - A Beginner’s Guide to Pokémon Online
By Ryu Shoji

So you want to learn how to use “Pokémon Online” – the Pokémon battle simulator program used by the world’s very best players to bypass the tedious Pokémon raising and get straight to the testing? Well, we can’t guarantee that just using it will turn you into a 2-time Worlds winning machine, but it should certainly help. Heck, the winner of the United Kingdom Video Game Championships National Qualifier, Ruben Puig Lecegui, who went on to become a Worlds semi-finalist (losing to the two time champion Ray Rizzo himself), told NGamer magazine that he spent most of his time practicing on the program, so it definitely is worth the time!
First off though, shall we discuss how to get started?

Setting Up
First off, you should head over to the Pokémon Online website. As soon as you access the page, you should be presented with a button saying “Download”...guess what you should do next? Yes, put the kettle on and prepare your favourite chair with your favourites newspaper, but before that – download Pokémon Online (I’m not a computer genius so I can’t give specifics, but make sure that Pokémon Online is compatible with your computer). Once that’s done, you open the program up and click on the “Team Builder” button so you can...y’know, build your team.
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Team Builder.jpg
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Team Building
This is where Pokémon Online’s main advantage is. In the Video Games, you would have to Soft-Reset/Breed/RNG, sometimes for days on end, just to get the Pokémon you desire to train. Here, everything is at your finger-tips for you to edit. The default is to have 31 IVs in everything; but perhaps you want them to match Pokémon you already have, or you want to manipulate them to get a specific Hidden Power?
When you first enter the Team Builder, you’ll be presented with the “Trainer” section where you can edit details about yourself, like username, trainer sprite and messages. This is really more aesthetic reasons; but be sure to mess around with it at some point. For now, we’ll move to the “Team” section.

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Team Builder screen.jpg
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As stated earlier, you have absolute control over every one of your Pokémon’s details. To manipulate IVs (known here as “DVs” – short for Dynamic Values), under the nature part, there will be a bar saying “Advanced”. You can choose to display the small section where you choose a Pokémon’s level, IVs, Happiness, Hidden Power and shininess either in a new window, or as an extension to the current one. The rest of the options here should be pretty self explanatory.

Then, in the top bar, you will see a "Gen." operation, which will always list the last released games in a generation. For the current one, we'll want "B/W 5th Gen".
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Gen Select.jpg
Gen Select.jpg (88.04 KiB) Viewed 8953 times

Once you’re done, you may also notice a button near “Trainer” and “Team” that says “Box”. Just like in the games, this allows you to switch between Pokémon you’ve ‘made’ before and current ones in your team, or delete them outright. Next to that, is also a Pokédex, which is pretty handy.

When you have made your team and adjustments to your trainer information, you can click “File” then go to “Save Team” to save your current selection as a file (You can make multiple teams or profiles by then going on “New Team” and saving that under a different name). Now that’s done, we can begin battling!

Battling is the whole point of the Pokémon games, so it would be silly for Pokémon Online to not offer battling. While viewing the Team Viewer, click on “Close” (Not the cross in the corner; the word “Close”) which will bring you back to the program’s initial window. Then click on “Go Online”.

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UEPC Server.jpg
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Now, you’ll be presented with an incredible list of different “servers”. Here you can choose which server to join – we recommend the official UEPC server “Pokemonexperte UEPC”. Once you enter the server, it may look a bit intimidating, but relax, it’s simple.
The majority of the screen is dedicated to the IRC Chat, where you can chat with others. The left side bar sorts out all the online players by tier (to change your tier, look at the top and click “Tiers”). To load your team, click on “File” and then on “Load Team” (simple eh?) and simply choose the film that your team was saved as.

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To challenge other people, you can either go on “Find Battle” which will automatically pair you up against an opponent based on certain criteria you request, or you can scroll the list of players online, right click their name and then choose “Challenge” – the next screen allows you to set any clauses and the battle format. Click challenge, and hope they accept!
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Challenge Box.jpg
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If they accept, you will then be taken to the battle window, which works the same way as the main server window in that there is a small chat box on the left side. From here, it should be pretty easy to know what you do - select your moves/retreat and wait for your opponent to do the same.

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Battle.jpg (44.6 KiB) Viewed 8953 times

Now you know the basics, I wish you the best of success in your battles, and hope you have lots of fun (which is obviously the most important bit!).

Copyright (c) 2011 Ryu Shoji.
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